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What Toys To Get Your 8 Months Old Baby in Kenya

Is your baby 8 months old and can't bear to see you go or start screaming when a little-known face approaches him? Do toys waltz across the room or hit each other by reaching decibels that are difficult to bear for your eardrums? Let's take a break and try to analyze what your baby is going through at 8 months.


A sensitive period, but one that marks great progress 

Not everything is difficult at 8 months and fortunately! However, your child is experiencing a sensitive period in his psychic construction, commonly referred to as "8th month anxiety". At this age, your baby realizes that he and his mother are two different beings and this is a discovery that can prove quite tricky for him. Separation is a more problematic concept for a child who is afraid of seeing his mother disappear.

But despite this painful period, we note that real progress is underway. The child will now be able to learn to live by personally distinguishing himself.

All the little games of hide-and-seek (behind a door, a towel, etc.) are most appreciated at this stage of your child's life. They often trigger uninterrupted fits of laughter. In the same vein, small paintings of discovery with spring characters to appear and disappear are toys popular with children of this age.


Sitting alone: a real challenge 

The child also learns at this time, to say goodbye with the hand and to do congratulations, a sign that communication and situation understanding are becoming more and more elaborate.

Another manifestation of its progress is motor development. Your baby has learned or will soon be sitting. I emphasize the interest that he learns to sit alone and that it is not the adult who puts him in this position until he does it on his own.

The risk, in fact, is that it is blocked in this way without being able to do anything else for long minutes. He stands with support and his legs gain confidence.

What a fuss!
In terms of games, your baby loves to make noise, it's even his favorite pastime. He hits the objects between them, babbles a lot and experiences the nuances of sounds. All the bell toys seem to attract him in particular.

Small musical games (maracas, bells, etc.), mini rain sticks offer your baby real experiences and allow him to focus on his activity.
It always bites objects a lot, so it's best to prefer suitable toys, with different textures (soft, hard, thick, fine) to help your baby experience several sensations.

And if it's your hand that he bites: take it back immediately. Explain to him that he has no right to bite you, that it hurts you. In return, give him a suitable rattle by telling him that if he needs it he can use that object for that purpose.

Throwing everything to experience distances 

Last point, the experience of distance. In connection with what he experiences in his differentiation from his mother, your baby practices a lot to keep objects away from him to test whether they come back or not.
Arm yourself with patience!

He enters a phase where he throws everything that passes into his hands: he needs it. To avoid running around the room: invest in a game to pull with a small string that will allow him to work this step freely.
Even if this 8th month may seem complicated to manage with a baby who changes a lot of behavior, don't worry!

This period marks a great psychological evolution and is the guarantee of significant progress in the motor and social awakening of your child. Be understanding while continuing to ensure the rules of family life that are yours. This is how your baby can build in a reassuring setting.